Following an amputation, activities at home, in the community and at work will require some adaptations. Our mobile physiotherapists can help maximise your function and independence.


What can physiotherapy do for an amputee?

We pride ourselves in helping our clients achieve their goals, from basic functional activities to more advanced recreational activities such as:

  • Self-care activities
  • Going up and down stairs
  • Walking with or without prosthetics
  • Running
  • House work / gardening
  • Sports
  • Social activities


Services we provide

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Strength and balance retraining
  • Flexibility and stretching program
  • Retraining in walking and running
  • Gym and home exercise programs
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Training for caregivers


We are committed to supporting you both physically and emotionally, in achieving your goals. So give us a ring today to explore how we can help you.