Injuries can be frustrating and debilitating for all. Effective rehabilitation, strengthening and healing is essential to ensuring a full recovery and future prevention. Physiotherapy is an important and effective component to injury rehabilitation.


At Life Ready Physio, we treat injuries of all natures as appropriate to the nature of the situation whether it be sport related, work related or injury received from another scenario.


Injury rehabilitation involves

  • Early identification of your injury, your situation and your ongoing needs
  • Clinical evaluation and recommendation of a treatment plan
  • Regular monitoring and review throughout the recovery process
  • Pain and exercise management
  • Education and aid in preventing further injury for the future


Who can Aged Care Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy can help all kinds of injury rehabilitation cases including

  • Sports related injuries
  • Injuries resulting from work incidents or activity
  • Ongoing weaknesses resulting from excessive use
  • Post operation rehabilitation


How to find out more about Aged Care Physiotherapy in Perth

Book in with Life Ready Mobile today for your first consult and we’ll write a customised treatment plan tailored for your injury.