Remedial Massage

At Life Ready Mobile we strive to provide the best mobile remedial massage Perth has to offer. Remedial massage aims to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management by assessing and treating muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Regular remedial massages can reduce the risk of injury that may occur in everyday activities—be it work or recreation—and help maintain optimal physical condition.

Myofascial Release Techniques

Myofascial Release is a hands-on technique that involves applying gentle, sustained pressure to release tension in skeletal muscles. These techniques can be used in a remedial context to treat connective tissue fixations, and an integrative context to enhance balance within the human body.

Trigger Point Therapy

Specific myofascial pain can be effectively treated, relieved and controlled by using Trigger Point Therapy. Through digital compression, this treatment “turns off” the trigger point to remove pain and return muscles to their normal state of flexibility and motor function.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage uses an understanding of layers within the body, particularly the deepest layers of muscle tissue, to relax, lengthen and release holding patterns. Deep Tissue Massage helps injury rehabilitation and relieves chronic muscular pain, and also reduces inflammation-related discomfort caused by arthritis or tendinitis.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a broad term for bodywork that occurs before and after a sporting-event, maintenance massage and rehabilitation therapy. It is the use of therapeutic massage and related techniques to assist athletic performance, as well as to ensure the wellbeing of an athlete and to enhance recovery.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage relieves muscular discomfort, increases blood and lymph flow, eases sciatic pain and can stimulate the release of endorphins—the body’s natural painkiller. This massage is beneficial through all three trimesters of pregnancy and is extremely diverse; it can work to target specific aches and pains or become a full body Swedish Massage.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme


Department of Veteran's Affairs


Insurance Commission of WA


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