Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Left Right Aged Care

Our team of Occupational Therapists are experts in identifying the causes of difficulties in daily tasks. We provide the guidelines on assisting each resident to enhance their daily experience. This is done by providing strategies and/or equipments for each task; and providing care plans to staff or family.

Falls Assessments

Timely assessments to ensure that staff and residents’ safety.

Functional Assessments

Comprehensive assessment to find the best way to support the residents in their daily activities

Equipment Prescription

Choose the best equipment for the site while keeping it cost effective

Cognitive Assessments

Provide insight into the individual’s cognition to enhance their daily experience

Care Plan

Clear and easy for staff to understand

One on One Consultations

Additional services that can be funded privately, through DVA or Medicare

Activity Groups

Creative ideas and plan to keep the least interested participating


There is no end to learning. Available to staff, residents and family
Registered NDIS Provider
Department of Veteran's Affairs
Insurance Commission of WA
Home Care Packages
+ all private health insurance funds