What we did with your feedback

At Life Ready Mobile, we care what you think! Your feedback is important to us, and vital in helping us to continue to improve the services that we can offer you and your family members. 

You can provide feedback by phone, by email to hello@lifereadymobile.com, or via the form on our website below. 

How does your feedback help us to improve? 

Our team is committed to taking on board feedback we receive to ensure we are offering the highest quality of care. Here are just a few of the ways we have made improvements from your feedback:

You asked: “How are you looking after the most physically vulnerable in our community?”

What did we do?

We have now implemented a system of welfare checks for our most at risk and vulnerable clients. For those who are at a high risk of falls, who have heart conditions, or suffer from diabetes, we have a system in place to identify them and ensure that if they need assistance when our therapists arrive at their home, our team is equipped to do so.

Our team has received Refresher Training sessions on our processes that are in place for emergency situations, which includes identifying the relevant people/parties to contact (including next of kin, referring agencies and emergency services). All our practitioners are also both CPR and First Aid trained so they can provide immediate assistance where required.

You asked: “How can you ensure my care will be consistent if there is a change in therapists?”

What did we do?

We have created a handover process that is overseen by our administration team and management staff. By cross referencing between the automated report and your current therapist’s notes, it helps us to ensure that every client is properly handed over to a new therapist, and all parties involved are communicated to.

You asked: “Can I have a female therapist?”

What did we do?

At Life Ready Mobile, we support your choice and right to request for a specific health care practitioner. Our team knows that due to cultural, religious or personal reasons, you may have a preference as to the gender of your therapist. We have an inclusive and diverse team of therapists from varied backgrounds who also speak a range of languages. Wherever possible, our team is flexible in meeting any specific requests you have, and if there is no immediate availability our admin team are always available to have a chat with you about your options and support you to find the care you need.

You asked: “How is Life Ready Mobile doing their part for the environment?”

What did we do?

We have gone paperless wherever we can! Our referral, consent, and feedback forms are now all online via our website and booking system. We are also looking at more sustainable ways that we can participate in local Expos, to ensure that we are doing our bit!

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